Washington International High School

Scholars in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 take after the request based global Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) in a dialect inundation (Pre-K and Kindergarten) and double dialect (Grades 1-5) skeleton; in Grades 6-10 they proceed with a multidisciplinary and request based methodology intended to improve understanding and create the aptitudes and information required to succeed in the prestigious IB Diploma Program, the educational module for all learners in Grades 11 and 12.

Notwithstanding their scholarly studies in math, science, dialect, writing, social sciences and expressions of the human experience, scholars figure out how to be locked in worldwide subjects. A dynamic games plan, group benefit in Washington, DC and as far and wide as possible, and travel programs for study and for entertainment only take our learners out into the world, while on grounds they are included in theater and music, workmanship, reporting, open deliberation and numerous different exercises.

We offer a world-class training grounded in innovative and discriminating considering, and applicable to current worldwide difficulties. Our educational module finishes with the profoundly difficult International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. As one of the most seasoned IB schools on the planet, WIS plans people for the most thorough colleges in the U.S. furthermore abroad. In the course of recent years, 95% of our graduates have earned the IB Diploma, with a normal IB Diploma score of 33, an elevated requirement in reality.

Keeping up our position of initiative obliges that WIS keeps on improving. Our instructors discover proficient direction through numerous sources, specifically the International Baccalaureate, Harvard University’s Project Zero, and the Asia Society. We perceive that showing and learning is in fast development and must consider new innovations and the requirement for constant adjustment.

For me generally, there has never been an all the more energizing time to work in the field of training. I watch our kindergarteners and miracle what schools will be similar to for them as they close graduation. I welcome you to go along with me in expectation of their future.

Manageable exertions at WIS include:
  • WIS yards are fueled by wind.
  • A green top on the amplification of our Primary School finished in 2011, which enhances warm execution and decreases surface overflow.
  • Geothermal force for our noteworthy Mansion, on the Tregaron Campus.
  • Inside storm bands to build vitality effectiveness of the Mansion’s memorable windows (to be introduced summer 2014).
  • A reusing project, joining person association through the Middle School Roots and Shoots club.