How to Identify Work Experience Based Scam Colleges?

First of all I would like to inform you what is work experience based college degrees are?

An accredited work experience based college degree is all about transferring credit earned for achievement in Jobs, training, employment work skills and previous studies. If you have attended college and left it due to some reason then work experience based colleges will transfer your credit to your current degree and provide you proper transcript (including credit hours and units as per major curriculum courses). Accredited work Experience based colleges will only provide degrees to applicants who have at least more than 3-4 years of experience in their desired field/faculty.

Secondly, I would like to inform you Why Work Experience Degree is Valuable and to whom?

Work experience degree program which is offered by colleges is for only professionals who somehow couldn’t complete their education and have vast knowledge in their field (theoretical and practical knowledge). Professionals can use life experience degree to gain better jobs in corporate world but now a day’s these degrees are getting more importance due to acceptance of CLEP by U.S Department of Education.

Now, let see how you can check Work Experience Based Degree Scams:

To identify genuine colleges and degree program use this checklist and see if you can save yourself by getting victim of Scam Work Experience based colleges.

Checklist to Identify legitimacy of Work Experience based Colleges:
1. Check accreditation of work experience based colleges

Legitimacy of Accredited work Experience based Colleges:

  • Certify by U.S DOE
  • Listing of CHEA
  • Third Party Degree Verification Organization
  • Recognition several other universities like: Southern Association of Colleges & Universities, Northwest Association of Colleges & Universities , New England Association of Colleges & Universities etc….


2. Check providing documents from work experience based colleges

Following are the legal documents:

  • Original Accredited Degree
  • Original Transcript
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Award of Excellence
  • Certificate of Distinction
  • Education Verification Letter


3. Courses provided in transcript from work experience based colleges
4. Physical address of work experience based colleges
5. Support availability of work experience based colleges
6. Degree verification process of work experience based colleges

Following are mediums which are accepted by corporate world:

  • Verification via Email
  • Verification via Phone
  • Verification via Fax
  • Verification via Postal Mail


7. Reputation and Students Reviews of work experience based colleges
8. Credit hour and unit transfer standards used by work experience based colleges
9. Evaluation Process and Counseling Process from work experience based colleges
10. Last but not the least History of work experience based colleges and universities

This checklist will help you find out legitimate colleges and universities to earn your credit hours and units based on your life experience.

There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.”

Frederick William Robertson

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