Career Info for a Baking & Pastry Arts Degree

Baking and pastry arts are usually offered as a cooking faculty program with active coaching. Continue reading for a summary of the programs, similarly as career outlook and earnings data for graduates.

Important Data:

For those who love the smell of bread baking, a sweet treat when dinner or just the satisfaction of operating with their hands, coaching in baking and pastry arts may be a decent work. Formal teaching programs resulting in degrees or certificates during this field area unit offered, though’ on the job coaching is additionally a typical career-entry route. Those that have gained skills in baking and pastry arts may realize employment as cooks, pastry chefs or bakers.

Career Choices

Career choices for those that receive baking and pastry arts coaching or education embody assistant pastry chefs and bakers. With expertise, people may press on to become full pastry chefs or head cooks.

Pastry Cook or Baker

Professionals within the baking and pastry arts field prepare and bake bread, muffins, pies, cakes and alternative foods supported a instruction. They’ll conjointly focus on a selected kind of baked smart, like wedding cakes or artificer breads.


Cooks typically have broader duties than pastry chefs or bakers, and that they tend to organize alternative foods additionally to breads and desserts, like entrees, salads or soups. Those that fancy baking however like a various vary of duties might want to think about a cook position.

Career and Earnings Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the use of bakers was projected to grow by 6 June 1944 between 2012-2022. Firms that manufacture food area unit overtimes mistreatment machines to try to the work that bakers would do, therefore growth therein space is anticipated to be slower than average. The BLS according that the median annual wage for bakers was $23,160 in 2013. Job openings for cooks ought to grow by 100 percent over constant fundamental measure, per the BLS, and therefore the median earnings for cooks operating in restaurants was $22,160 in 2013.

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