Is this real? Can we really get Prior Learning Degrees?

Marketing of Prior Learning Programs

You’ve in all probability received associate degree email message that offered you the possibility to quickly and simply earn a “prestigious” degree supported life expertise. Simply decision the number within the email, provide them your MasterCard range, and they’re going to look out of the remainder. Such spam is pretty obvious to identify and hopefully you just delete those messages.

Please keep in mind that emails advertising questionable life experience degrees are presumably from unauthorized and dubious establishments. If somebody offers you associate degree master’s degree or PhD degree supported life expertise without any evaluation of your details and without verification then keep that in mind that it must be a fake organization.

Can we really earn a Degree?

You can’t earn a reputable degree supported life expertise from Un-Authorized organizations. Also note that only authorized faculty or university within the U.S can supply “life expertise degrees.” But what is meaning of authorized organization. It means Accreditation Organization. Now what is Accreditation? it is a style of institutional referee wherever representatives from authorized colleges judge alternative colleges to make sure that they provide quality instructional programs. There are various accrediting agencies within the U.S and also the honored ones are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and also by CHEA. You’ll be able to notice an inventory of recognized enfranchisement agencies and authorized colleges by looking the establishment enfranchisement information sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

Accredited Universities

On the undergrad level, you’ll be able to earn a complete associates or bachelors degree through an demonstration of previous learning. Demonstrating previous learning usually involves transfer credits, credit by examination, or portfolio development and analysis. Note that previous learning assessment may be a lot of formal procedure than questionable credit forever expertise and is recognized as a legitimate suggests that of granting credit. If you’ll be able to demonstrate that you have learned one thing appreciate content instructed in an exceedingly faculty course, then you’ll be able to earn faculty credits associate degree apply them an undergrad degree. The 10 authorized universities best fitted to previous learning degrees are listed through below link:

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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior learning assessment as a way of earning a whole degree does not apply to students. As this program is only established in U.S for professionals. All authorized masters and scholar degrees are still supporting Traditional Degrees for students. Whereas professionals are able to earn some graduate credits supported prior learning assessment. If you closely examine the colleges that publicize graduate degrees supported life expertise, you may notice that they are not authorized by a recognized agency, so you’d be informed avoid such programs.

So you’ll be able to earn credit associate degree even an undergrad degree through a demonstration of prior learning however be cautious of programs that lack enfranchisement or promote fast degrees through life expertise. At the minimum, you may receive a written document with very little worth within the marketplace. At the utmost, you will be violating state law by victimization associate degree unrecognized written document and produce penalties and embarrassment upon yourself. Earn your degree right the primary time and your efforts can represent themselves.

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