St. Andrew’s High School

St. Andrew’s Regional High School started as the long for a gathering of intrigued Catholics who urgently needed to open a Catholic High School. At the point when the current area (the previous Sacred Heart Elementary School) got accessible on Mckenzie Ave, the High School Project Committee involved Monsignor Hanley, Fr. Ken Bernard, Sister Pat Dickinson, Dr. Krutzmann, and Mrs. James, Mr. Siska, Mr. Martin, Mr. Middleton, and Mr. Dery, displayed a proposal to the Bishop and the Catholic Public Schools of Victoria Diocese. The proposal was acknowledged by the Diocese and remodels started at some point after. At an expense of $200,000, sprinklers were introduced and school outfitting and supplies acquired. In September 1983, the longs for the board and supporting group parts at long last turned into an actuality. St. Andrew’s Regional High School opened on Mckenzie Ave. with a learner populace of 126 and staff check of 12. Sister Pat was designated Principal from Grades eight through eleven. As depicted by Marnie, one of the numerous people who went to St. Andrew’s the point at which it initially opened, “It was energizing for us to go to the new area as pioneers. I recollect looking down the one long corridor and adage to myself, is this it? There were no portables, no field, and no ball courts – only one long lobby. It has been an incredible experience to watch the school develop… ” Since opening in 1983, the secondary school has developed consistently. Proceeded interest for quality Catholic training at the optional level in Victoria brought about the requirement for further extension immediately. In 1984, learners and staff acknowledged having the capacity to overflow into three portables liberally gave and introduced by the Knights of Columbus.

Future Growth and Expansion:

St. Andrew’s High School is based on a profoundly attached duty to Catholic instruction in the Victoria Diocese. The creedal proclamation for Island Catholic Schools, which is fundamental to the mission of St. Andrew’s states that we accept “every youngster is holy and special; that the school group can make a positive environment which sways understudies to learn and develop to their individual potential; that every person can figure out how to uncover intrinsic endowments in themselves as well as other people… ”

To that end the Bishop and Board of Directors for Island Catholic Schools are focused on giving sheltered, competitive, open and supportable Catholic School situations, in which people can encounter significant learning and advancement. The present St. Andrew’s School site will be the site of a broad remodel and overhauling task planned to initiate within a brief period of time (see Bishop’s letter).