Oak Meadow High School

Our Founder:

Lawrence Williams, Ed.d.has in excess of 30 years of instructive experience and has taught scholars from first graders to doctoral people.

Prepared as a Waldorf instructor in 1973, he was a class educator in the Garden City, NY Waldorf School. He accepted his Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1990 with an exposition on innovativeness and self-teaching.

Lawrence is the writer of various articles, books, and educational module materials distributed by Oak Meadow.

Our History:

Lawrence and Bonnie Williams began Oak Meadow in 1975 when their four youngsters were youthful. With a devoted gathering of folks and educators, they opened a day school based upon a straightforward theory: Children are touchy and smart, and learning ought to be agreeable. For a long time everybody adapted together, and the youngsters created innovatively and cannily.

Following three years, the property Oak Meadow was renting was sold to an engineer, and the school group abruptly ended up without a building for the school. Lawrence and Bonnie started self-teaching their youngsters and created self-teaching courses for folks and kids based upon the same theory that had worked effectively in the day school.

Their self-teaching methodology was straightforward and regular, yet it turned out to be extremely powerful: give youngsters a sheltered, nature’s domain; give imaginative exercises to head, hands, and heart; offer every person appreciation and time to unfold commonly. Folks took after this methodology and observed that it met expectations, and they told different folks.

In the course of recent years, Oak Meadow has stretched extensively. Our self-teaching courses for preschool through secondary school are currently utilized worldwide by many families, and our unique logic hasn’t changed.

We accept that self-teaching can assume a huge part in making a finer world by helping youngsters get solid, imaginative, autonomous people. We are respected to be a piece of the flourishing self-teaching development, and to have been included in the training of many learners from far and wide.

Oak Meadow courses and projects are produced by accomplished self-teaching educators who know how to help you make a viable nature. Notwithstanding giving a firm establishment to scholastic brilliance, our courses demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to chip in with individual learning styles and characteristic formative methodologies to captivate your kid’s potential for creative action, innovative thought, and strong scholarly accomplishment.

We’d be blissful to examine your tyke’s individual needs and help you discover the best instructive technique for your crew. We anticipate got notification from you soon!