Dallas International High School

As one of the best private schools in the Dallas metroplex, Dallas International School offers an one of a kind instruction for people from preschool through secondary school in English and French. We are the main worldwide school in Dallas and our thorough scholastic project, directed in numerous dialects, effectively coordinates the eminent French national educational program, the best practices of American instruction, and the extensive International Baccalaureate program. Dallas International School’s multicultural surroundings and dynamic group of understudies, educators, staff, and folks makes more than an instruction — it makes encounters for a lifetime of achievement.

Our Mission:

Dallas International School instructs scholars of all foundations to help an element world with its universally famous educational program, various dialect guideline, and introduction to differing social perspectives. We offer a complete scholastic system from evaluations perk.

Our Accreditation:

The Mission Laïque Franchise Global Network of Schools, the French Ministry of National Instruction, the International Baccalaureate Association, The Independent Schools Relationship of the Southwest, the Association of French Schools of America and the Texas Relationship of Private and Parochial School.

Dallas International School gives a remarkable training in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Our educational module gets ready scholars for the globally acclaimed French and International Baccalaureate Diplomas and our concentrate on various dialect securing; however inundation instructing is remarkable to our school. Our scholar body comprises of in excess of 600 people with foundations from 50 diverse nations. This mixing of societies makes a remarkable open door for comprehension through the ensuing differing qualities of thought, qualities furthermore conventions. Our scholars graduate with a trust and information picked up through this unparalleled instructive encounter that leads them to professions as far and wide as possible.